Moshi Monsters The Movie (2013)
Having been given the opportunity to co-create some very fun and silly music videos for the Moshi Monsters world, somehow Mind Candy thought I could handle directing an entire movie. My enormous luck to get this break! Thrown straight into the deep end, it was an unbelievable 12 month script-to-screen production period, with a tsunami shaped learning curve. The great people at Spider-Eye Studios in Cornwall were fantastic and frankly incredibly patient. This was mainly a movie meant for all the fans of the online games and music, made by everyone who believed in the colourful and mind-boggling world of Moshi. What a ride.

'Moshi Monsters the Movie' was released nation-wide in UK cinemas and on selected Australian screens December 2013.

Direction: Wip Vernooij, Morgan Francis
Art Direction: Cako Facioli
Written by: Steve Cleverly , Jocelyn Stevenson
Music by: Sanj Sen
Produced by: Jocelyn Stevenson, Giles Healy & 
Erica Darby (Spider-Eye Animation)
Art: Trevor White, Nana Li, Leanne Wade, Celine Choo, Ross McCaughey
Storyboards: Dean Roberts, Boris Hiestand, Andreas von Andrian

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